Free CD Recovery Software

Free CD recovery software to recover and rescue your corrupt or lost data from damaged, scratched or defective CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW automatically and efficiently.

CD Recovery is an award-winning freeware to recover files from damaged, defective, scratched and improperly burned CDs. Employing the leading-edge CD recovery technology, CD Recovery boasts of fantastic CD/DVD recovery abilities finding maximum amount of recoverable information on a damaged CD. User can also preview its recovery result and select desired files to be recovered at will. In addition, CD Recovery works seamlessly under Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, etc.

Recover music from damaged CD

For a long period of time, CD is the most popular storage medium to backup important data and save music tracks. Due to its good portability and low cost, CD becomes so popular among users when they need to save personal and business files. Actually, the vast majority of CD users are music lovers. That is to say, CD is always widely used to save music tracks in the past as well as for now. However, what if a CD with music stored in is damaged? Perhaps the best and the most direct answer is to recover music from damaged CD if those music tracks are significant to users.

Reasons for Recovering Music from Damaged CD

CDs are often highly sensitive to water, dust and sunshine. It is common sense that dirt, scratches as well as badly placed blemishes will make a CD unreadable. In view of this, we advise CD users to place CD in proper environment when they don’t use it. However, apart from those reasons, logical failures, such as virus attacks can also lead to CD damage. In both cases, the music tracks on CD will be lost partially or completely. All users need to do at this time is to try to recover music from damaged CD.

Best Way to Complete Music Recovery from Damaged CD

In order to recover music from damaged CD effectively, users need to figure out the reason for CD damage at first. If the music tracks saved in CD can not be read only because there is too much dust on the surface of CD, users can try to wipe the dust off CD in an appropriate way. Then, put it into CD driver and try again. If the music tracks still can’t be played, users need to pay attention to two things: physical damage (like scratches) and logical damage. So they need to check the surface of CD. If no scratch is found here, users can basically confirm that the CD damage is caused by logical damage.

In this situation, data recovery software is a better choice than professional data recovery agency for CD users to recover music tracks from CD.


The results of our researches show that MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of wonderful data recovery software which supports music recovery from damaged CD. Just by clicking “CD/DVD Recovery” functional module, users will enter its operating interface shown as below:


Here, users are advised to click “Full Scan” button to search needed music tracks after selecting the damaged CD. Then, users will see a list of music tracks in software at the end of scanning and they only need to check needed ones and save them to other storage devices under guidance.

If you’re also interested in recovering music from damaged CD on your own, please feel free to visit the download center of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.