Undelete Recovery

This module works only with deleted files/folders and allows to “undelete” them (another popular term is “unerase“).
Intact file system is important for this module. If you know that there is something wrong with your file system (for example, you did not delete some folder/files but you cannot access them) or if you see something strange with Windows, you should use “Damaged Partition Recovery” module.

First of all, you can see the list of all logical volumes found on Host Computer:
(If you cannot find the volume that you want to recover, please try Damaged Partition Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery module.)

Choose one of them and press the “Recover” button.

Then CD Recovery will read the file system of the selected volume to memory/hard disk. This step may take a few minutes depending on the size of the used volume space. You have to wait until this scanning is finished, otherwise our software may not be able to find and recover deleted files. After this scanning is finished, you’ll see some progress bars – Building virtual file system in memory.

After this scanning is finished, you’ll see file/folder tree.
Go to “Working with found data” section of this guide for further steps.