Data missing from CD

We can’t deny the fact that the invention of compact disc, including CD and DVD, is one of the most practical innovations for home use. The appearance of CD and DVD satisfy music lovers’ desire to play songs whenever they want. CD/DVD was the most popular and fashionable storage device at that time. Made of special material, CD and DVD are also confronted with their own unique set of challenges. Films on CD/DVD have higher audio quality and video quality; besides, CD and DVD have a relatively large capacity at the time when they were put into use widely. Unfortunately, this convenience seems to exist at the cost of durability – a CD or DVD can be easily damaged. So if users want to protect their data on CD/DVD, they’d better get powerful free CD data recovery software in advance.

What if a CD or DVD has been infected by computer virus? Of course, data saved on it may get lost or damaged. What should users do at this time? Just ignore the data missing from CD? It’s obviously not the answer. In face of CD data loss, users had better take measures to recover missing data on CD.

Two popular ways to get back data missing from CD are: 1. turning to professional recovery companies; 2. seeking for free CD data recovery software with high quality. The latter one is highly suggested since it provides well protection to users’ data. And more importantly, users needn’t waste money.

Can Data Missing from CD Be Recovered for Free

Can you imagine that you are able to get back data missing from CD without even paying a cent? If not, please keep reading.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is developed to help home users recover lost data in various situations; it is totally free of charge as long as the size of data needs to be recovered is less than 1 GB. To recover missing data on CD, users need to select “CD/DVD Recovery” in the main interface. This software is very easy-to-use: users just need to follow the instructions to recover data missing from CD easily.

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