Recover CD/DVD files

It is a common scene that users open a storage device, only to find some valuable files are lost or become inaccessible. Recently, we discover this problem troubles lots of CD/DVD users. Most of them are looking to recover CD/DVD files with a free method? In this regard, we have a good suggestion – that is to employ MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the free but useful software.

Reasons for Recovering CD/DVD Files

Like common data loss in computer, data loss in CD or DVD is not a rare phenomenon. On the contrary, it is increasing day by day and of course, users who are stuck in such problem want to get a satisfying solution.
Whether it is possible to recover CD/DVD files completely or not depends on various factors, such as CD/DVD damage degree and performance of file recovery freeware. In fact, if users are running Windows, then the CD/DVD file recovery is so easy for them by choosing MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
Now that we have offered a practical solution, the key point is how to carry out the work to recover CD/DVD files. Please read the following content carefully to learn the specific steps of CD/DVD file recovery.
In above main interface of file recovery freeware, users are supposed to do one thing: select the most suitable recovery module – “CD/DVD Recovery”. (It helps to recover data from corrupted, damaged or unreadable CD and DVD easily.)
After clicking on it, users will see the operating interface immediately and they need to specify the CD or DVD with lost files here. Then, tap “Full Scan” to perform a thorough scanning to disc.
When the scanning is finished automatically in freeware, users should search for needed files in the result list and then check them one by one. At last, save the checked files to a safe place by clicking “Save Files” button.
Above words show us the process to recover CD/DVD files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you also have any other questions about the software, please visit this page.

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