CD data recovery freeware

Though CD and DVD have been gradually replaced by more advanced and convenient portable storage devices like USB flash drive, they are still irreplaceable for a small number of people. Those people are used to saving personal and significant data to CD or DVD, regardless of the inconvenience of CD. Because CD and DVD are fragile media, they need special protection: users have to pay much attention to the place environment, for instance. (Water, dust, sunlight, temperature and many other factors could all have a great effect on CD.) Meanwhile, a light scratch on the surface of CD may lead to serious problem, such as data loss. Taking all these factors into consideration, we find it’s very necessary to introduce a good way to complete CD data recovery with freeware to all the computer and CD users.

Think of CD Data Recovery with Freeware

After users have lost important data in CD, obviously, the thing they most want to do is to recover data from CD at this time. If CD users search on the internet, aiming at find good ways to recover lost data, they’ll find resorting to professional recovery agencies and turning to reliable data recovery software are two most effective choices.

Which way should CD users choose? Of course, the answer is to finish CD data recovery with freeware. After you reading the following two facts, you’ll understand why to recover data from CD with third-party freeware is a better solution.

1. Choosing to complete CD data recovery with freeware, users don’t need to pay even a cent. On the contrary, if users choose to recover data from CD by asking professional data recovery agencies for help, free data recovery can’t be achieved and they have to waste much money.

2. Also, CD users have no need to worry about the security of private data if they choose to recover data with freeware. We bet almost all users prefer recovering data by themselves to letting someone else to recover private data for them.

If users fully understand above two points, they’ll choose freeware obviously for free data recovery.


Here, we recommend a professional freeware for users’ convenience: MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Just by looking at the main interface of software, users can easily find a functional module, which is suitable for getting back lost data from CD; the name is “CD/DVD Recovery”. Clicking it and do what the prompts say, users are able to finish the CD data recovery with freeware easily without others’ help.

Of course, users can try using other modules, such as “Undelete Recovery” and “Damaged Partition Recovery” if they want. Please don’t worry; all those functions are totally free.

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