Recover CD data freeware

Though CDs are not used frequently nowadays, they did have their boom years (from 1990s to the early 21st century). According to statistics, CD is mainly used to store various data such as music tracks, videos, movies and programs. CD has many formats, such as CD-R and CD-RW. Actually, CD is considered to be equipped with high security, but CD data loss is an eternal problem for users. What makes things worse is that CD data loss problem cannot be avoided completely. We may find lots of CD data recovery tools on the internet, but most of them are only available for data recovery from other common storage devices like hard disk and memory card. In this case, users must want to know which tool can be used by them to recover CD data with freeware.
When the CD data loss is caused by soft faults, it is no use cleaning or fixing the surface of CD. What users really need to do is to seek for professional data recovery software which can support CD.

Recover CD Data with Professional Freeware

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is indeed a safe and reliable tool for Windows users to achieve free CD data recovery. The “CD/DVD Recovery” module is exclusively designed for data recovery from CD and DVD.
No matter what is the cause for CD data loss, quick format or accidental deletion, users can start the process to recover CD data with freeware immediately. Please do not worry since MiniTool Power Data Recovery gives support to many CD formats: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, Audio CD, VCD and SVCD.

Complete Free CD Data Recovery in Three Steps

Users need to follow the steps given below to recover CD data with freeware – MiniTool Power Data Recovery easily.
Step one: launch software and choose “CD/DVD Recovery” through a light click on it.
Step two: choose to “Open” or “Full Scan” the CD where data loss happens after selection. Of course, the “Full Scan” is more suggested.
Choose-to-Open-or-Full Scan-the-CD
Step three: choose the data that are useful for the owner and then save them to other devices by clicking “Save Files” button and specifying the storage place.
When all the operations are finished, users have completed the whole process to recover CD data with freeware. Go to this page for getting recommended data recovery freeware.

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