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At present, many things that we couldn’t imagine in the past now become easy in life. For example, the recovery of files is quite easy a task to finish as long as we have a useful tool in hand. However, we need to say it clearly that the possibility of file recovery depends on various factors, such as the degree of file damage, the performance of recovery program, and the time it takes to finish recovery. Now that there are many CD users who are stuck in CD file loss problem, we’d like to recommend a free CD recovery program. It is really the best choice for all of us to recover CD files after accidents take place.

The Best Free CD Recovery Program

To be honest, as long as the file loss is not caused by hardware failure, the missing files can be recovered easily with our free CD recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Sometimes, it is even possible to recover files from a scratched or cracked CD/DVD. The result of certain research shows that scratches from the center outwards are less harmful than those following the spiral. Besides, smaller cracks are less harmful than the larger ones, of course. If the crack is really serious, the work to recover CD files is almost a dream.

On the contrary, CD file loss problem caused by soft failures can be solved easily with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. And users don’t need to pay even a cent for this is a free CD recovery program.

Now, let’s tell you how to carry out the recovery.

Firstly, get MiniTool Power Data Recovery downloaded and installed. At the end of installation, launch it to see the following interface.


Then, choose the “CD/DVD Recovery” functional module from above main interface. Putting cursor onto this module, users will see the specific functions of it.


After clicking on the module, users will enter this operating interface, in which they need to choose the CD that includes lost files. At this time, click “Full Scan” button to perform a full scanning to it.

In the end, users will see a lot of files in program at the end of scanning and they are supposed to check the needed ones and click “Save Files” to specify a safe storage location.

If you want to try other functions of recommended free CD recovery program, please get it here.

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